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Conditions of Use


All prices are retail prices in euros and include the value-added tax (VAT). We reserve the right to change the prices, but the prices confirmed by the customer at the time of purchase in the online shop are valid in any event. The images may be only symbolic.

Payment method

Payments are only possible in cash – upon delivery and on the basis of a pro forma invoice.
Payment on the basis of a pro forma invoice or another type of secured payment is also intended for legal entities which prove their identity in advance with their full address and their identification number.
This method of payment is available to all customers.

Other conditions

Registration is not required to start the purchasing process. You only have to fill out the attached form and “fill the cart”. Your order will be submitted to us via e-mail. In the next few days you will be notified of our acceptance of your order after which we will agree on the type of delivery and the method of payment.

PAX – Svečarna Stele, d. o. o., undertakes to perform any online operations in accordance with the legislation in force. We reserve the right to make changes without special notice. Any such changes enter into force at the moment of their publication.
Online purchases and the submission of personal data are only allowed to persons over the age of 15.

Copyright protection

All content published on the www.pax.si website is the property of PAX – Svečarna Stele, d. o. o. All copyright works are protected already at the time of their creation and do not require any special designations. Any reproduction, distribution, modification, public display or broadcasting, or other forms of copyright material use, are prohibited.

The moment of your entry into our online shop is deemed as the moment when you agree with/undertake to follow the stated operating conditions. If you do not agree with the stated conditions, we recommend that you discontinue viewing our website and do not perform any purchases.

Filling the cart

You may examine the details of any desired product in the “Products” tab. Once you decide on a product to purchase, you can add it to the cart with the “Add to Cart” button. You can also increase the number of products for purchase, or alternatively, remove them by clicking the X button.

For any comments, commendations or questions regarding our conditions, or our way of doing online transactions, you can write to us at: info@pax.si, to the following address: PAX – Svečarna Stele, d. o. o., Glavni trg 16, SI-1241 Kamnik, or call us via telephone: +386 1 8392 339 or send a facsimile: +386 1 8319 460. In any event, we will welcome any criticisms or compliments regarding our website.


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