About PAX Candles Stele

The company PAX Candles Stele originates from a longstanding family tradition of candle making reaching back to 1701. Over the years, the family company has developed to become one of the most successful candle-making companies in Slovenia. We owe our success to constant development, production modernisation, maintaining a high level of quality of our products, and reinforcing good relations with our business partners.

We are proud of our innovative and high-quality products, changing the user experience of lighting candles.

Our milestones

Letnica 1701

The beginning of candle making in the Lectar House

Candle making in the Lectar House began in the most romantic way possible – with a wedding! In November 1701, the heiress of the house Klara Legat married the honey-bread baker and chandler Jurij Bitenc.

Letnica 1951

The emergence of the Plečnik candles

Architect Jože Plečnik, whose elaborate creations are known all over the world and who was a friend of the Stele family, provided the initiative to create candles decorated with different figurative wax castings. The castings were made in wooden models used to form honey-bread. Under Plečnik’s mentorship, the first such candle was created in 1951 as a gift for the 80th birthday of the writer Fran S. Finžgar. The idea caught on; to this day, we are still making candles using Plečnik’s idea.

Letnica 1990

Moving into new headquarters in Bakovnik

With the company PAX svečarna Stele d.o.o. having grown out of the modest premises in the Lectar House, we moved to new, modern headquarters in Bakovnik.

Letnica 1994

The emergence of the PAX long-burning candle

In order to offer our customers the possibility of buying a longer-lasting candle, we developed the PAX long-burning candle. The housing of the candle is made in a way that enables it to preserve a layer of air, providing better conditions for paraffin combustion at lower outside temperatures.

Letnica 2010

The emergence of the Moon candle

The Moon candle is the first modular candle which can be used in four different versions. The most popular version is the one with a 1500 ml cartridge of liquid wax. It can burn for 14 days!

Letnica 2017

Modernisation of the production line

We modernised our production line, thus increasing our production capacities.

Letnica 2018

Renovation of office spaces

With the growth of our company, we also felt the need to increase our storage space and renovate our office spaces, thus obtaining our own laboratory and a spacious meeting room.

Letnica 2019

New liquid wax production line

We expanded our production with an automated production line for liquid wax cartridges.

Janez Stele – CEO

Our company is continuing the candle-making tradition through the 11th generation of chandlers. Candle making has been bestowed upon us. A candle is a unique item, and it is far from easy to create a perfect one. I am proud to be able to continue the family candle-making tradition while watching the company grow and evolve.